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Values & Principles

We will make sure:

  • your strategic needs are listened to and met using our uniquely informed, evidence based and proven approach.

  • you will get the benefit of clear, definitive recommendations regardless of the difficulty of the assignment.

  • our diligence coupled with a sense of urgency means we meet your needs and your timelines.

  • our solutions will result in more positive performance for your organisation.


In our work with Clients, we respect and protect the dignity of the individuals with whom we work.

We seek to use our knowledge, skills and experience to improve individual’s quality of work life and add value to our Client Companies by helping them improve the effectiveness of their organizational and people systems.

We only collect information from individuals with their permission. At the beginning of any assignment, we agree with the client company how that information is to be used, and we only use the information in this agreed way. We keep any records of personal information confidential and secure.

We advise our clients that the HR Optimization tools and advice should not be used as the sole basis for decisions on selection, appointment or promotion, or any other change to work status or work practice. HR Optimization consulting may contribute information but decisions of this kind remain the responsibility of the Client Company.

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