Corporate FAQ

Corporate FAQ2022-06-08T17:22:51+10:00


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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What services does DSPS offer?2022-06-06T07:31:51+10:00

We can help you improve in every people-related area of organisational performance – including risk management, strategic and business planning, workforce planning and organisation design, occupational health and safety, service quality, culture development, organisation development, change management, crisis and emergency response, conflict resolution, mediation, industrial relations, capability assessment and talent management, leading and developing high performance teams, organisational effectiveness, Balanced Scorecard and HR metrics.

When would we look for DSPS’s help?2022-06-06T07:32:19+10:00

You might be looking at significant change in your organisation, or dealing with major internal or external issues. Or you might just want to see how optimizing people’s performance can help your organisation operate more efficiently and achieve its goals.

Does DSPS consult at senior levels, or work hands-on at site?2022-06-06T07:32:45+10:00

Our experience stretches from work sites like mines, factories and hospitals to senior executive teams and Boards, in many industries. Our aim is to partner with your organisation, at whatever level and in whichever way best suits you, to get the results you want. Talk to one of our Client Partners about the kind of partnership that would work for you.

What makes DSPS different to other consultants?2022-06-06T07:33:25+10:00

We bring our unique, proven methods and work with you to co-design tailored solutions that will create sustainable performance improvements and measured cost savings.

We have experience in many industries so you will find us easy to talk to.

You will benefit from what we have learned working with organisations across Australasia, Asia, North and South America and Europe, and from the wide network of skilled alliance partners we have developed.

And regardless of the complexity of your situation, needs or goals, we promise to urgently develop clear, pragmatic, action-focused recommendations.

Face-to-face WHS Training

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Assurance & Certification

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Mental Health First Aid

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